A Man's guide on what to wear to Wimbledon 2016

It often leads to a sudden shock in the wardrobe department when deciding what to wear to Wimbledon.

An event that is truly at the epicentre to British heritage has stereo-typically frowned upon those choosing to dress on the casual side of smart casual. Trainers and a t-shirt are most certainly reserved for players only, although interestingly the choice of attire does vary considerably. If you cast your eyes across the on-lookers at centre court then you will see waves of suits and ties - worn rather heroically it may seem as the beating sun casts over everyone.

If you are not privileged enough to have tickets for the centre court then it would appear the dress code is often to wear whatever you wish. However truth be told for the large majority this is still relatively smart. So amidst the confusion who should we turn to to provide an example of what to wear ? What really is the most suitable gear for this occasion ?

Well, lets first take a look at A-Lister and comedy genius Ricky Gervais. His wardrobe choices are low key at best, but surely he makes more of an effort for Wimbledon ? Well as it turns out, no. Showcasing his standard black t-shirt, Ricky clearly chooses comfort over fashion.

Source: Daily Mail

Lets take another example that is perhaps a little more fitting with this event. Let's take sporting legend David Beckham. Now David, who is often seen as a fashion icon in the eyes of the male UK population clearly enjoys smartening up for this occasion.

Source: heart.co.uk

Seen here, David Beckham epitomises the smart English gentleman with a black pin-stripe suit, complete with all the trimmings; shirt, tie and even a waist-coat - boy oh boy he must be sweltering. This then is the price you pay to look good! Supposedly then, like all wardrobe choices some will pay more attention to detail than others. perhaps Wimbledon then, has not yet reached the same fashion ideals as other prestigious events on the British calendar such as Royal Ascot; where you most certainly would look out of place in anything other than a suit.

So as a general rule - smart suit and trousers with a jacket preferable. But what about accessories. Accessories will make or break any look so lets have a brief look at some essential fashion accessories to complete your very British look for Wimbledon 2016.


Sunglasses are a necessity. Both from a fashion and enjoyment perspective, bringing a pair of sunglasses with you is a no-brainer. However, if you are on a budget but would like a slightly classier pair of sunglasses; what are your options ? We believe to have found the perfect pair and can be found here.

These are called simply 'half rimmed sunglasses' and will set you back £25. They are highly fashionable but also of decent quality. Slightly different from most these will surely add a layer of class to the rest of your Wimbledon outfit and are certainly more suitable than large Ray-Ban style aviators.


Where better place to find suitable items to wear to Wimbledon than the Wimbledon store itself. To protect yourself from the sun whilst looking fashionable we suggest this true British classic It's called the Wimbledon Presat Panama , can be found here and it's style is very British indeed. This will set you back £75 but you can take this as inspiration if this is slightly out of your price range !


Bags are very handy, women have known this for many years but for men, the concept of a man-bag has only recently become a widely acceptable choice. Not only is a man-bag extremely handy - it also adds considerable fashion value to your look. We particularly like the style of this bag from Zachels which can be found here.

This bag is relatively small, looks great and costs £99 which we feel is worth every penny. So stop lumbering the Mrs with all of your essential items and carry them around yourself - in style. A winning addition to the Wimbledon wardrobe.


Now we are not normally ones for blowing our own trumpet ( metaphorically speaking of course ); but that's is exactly what we are about to do. A watch is a key fashion accessory and a luxury high quality Timepiece will undoubtedly bring a unique but classy twist to your look. In alignment with our outfit so far we have hand selected from our range the perfect watch for Wimbledon; the Helix Gold. This watch can be found here

The helix gold will set you back just £54 and oozes class and is the perfect accompaniment to your Wimbledon wardrobe this year.

To conclude then, as a result of Wimbledon not setting strict dress guidelines like other events such as Royal Ascot; this often leads to anxieties around what exactly we should be wearing. Our advice is if in doubt to keep it smart and pay attention to the details.

But of course you can also take the Ricky Gervais approach and wear whatever the hell you like; either way - enjoy the tennis !