Christmas Gift Ideas - Stylish Men's Watches

Are you preparing for Christmas? You should be, the rest of the planet seems to have started! 

Let’s cut to the chase and say that you’re trying to find some great gifts for your friends and family. Purchasing a timepiece as a gift can really be a very thoughtful, generous and practical idea, one that we know will be very well received and one that we believe you should consider right away of course!

But what do you need to know when you buy a watch for Christmas? Here are a few basic yet important tips to keep in mind.

When buying a watch as a present you need to know the person that will be wearing it quite well, what they like to do, where they like to go and what they like to wear. Without this information your thoughtful pressie may gratefully received, but ultimately left lonely in the sock draw for the remainder of its natural life. In fact we feel the best thing to do to avoid this happening is just try to pair it with one outfit you have seen them in on a day or night out or simply their favourite daily attire, this will ensure it gets some wear-time.

Movement types are important but not critical...

Quartz watches movements are by far the most popular or perhaps common on the market. This is an inexpensive, yet very accurate movement that does its job efficiently and with the utmost precision, usually battery powered. Also common are the automatic (self-winding) watches which have a kinetic mechanical movement. Both of these are perfectly accurate and will keep great time so long as you look after it in regards to general wear and tear. It really all comes down to you to pick the right model to suit your giftee; style is everything, so as long as the basics keep on working in the background effectively just go with what you think looks best. There are some fab designs on our Instagram page, please feel free to have a look around.

Watch type

Just stick with the basics, a minimalist or classic choice, a chronograph or the modern skeleton watch, then once you have selected a genre, again just stick with what you think looks best, guaranteed results every time; we’ve got a lovely range across those genres, have a look here to take you straight to our men’s watches section.

Just to make sure they get a mention here there are three more derivatives that people often select by, Aviator watches which were initially designed to convey important flight information for pilots, being worn on the outside of flight garments, they became timeless products and you can still find the highest asking prices for them on the market. Driving watches are designed to be a masculine and heavy style type and the top end options nowadays team up with super-car brands such as Bentley, they have stopwatches and other race features, in fact most of them are integrated chronographs; and finally the divers watches which will obviously have varying water resistance and timer features to help assist in sub aqua activities.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed, nor will the receiver of your wonderful gift, get buying now and get rid of that last minute Xmas panic problem now!