Is there a place for the 'budget watch'?

Watches mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, some people just want a piece to keep a track of the time, some people want a watch to use as one of many visual cues for their wealth status; and others just want something stylish on their wrist. 

The term 'budget watch' does not mean a poor quality watch by any means - as something being cheap is always relative to the wealth of the individual. For example; a Tag Heuer timepiece may be deemed a budget watch for an individual that has a Rolex in their arsenal (And a Tag Heuer timepiece sells for thousands ££££). So it is always important to keep an open relative mind when it comes to budget watches.

For the sake of this article, our perception of a budget watch owns a price point of £50 to £150. What's good about these price points is that they appeal to a larger audience as they are much more affordable for the average person.

Budget watches are vital for the horological market as it helps many people express their identity through many different looks and styles. Colours, materials, styles and movements are all important factors for a buyer and no one individual watch is made for every situation.

Budget watches come in to their own here as it allows a cost effective way for a individual to own many watches for many different occasions. For example, a heavy, automatic stainless steel watch and strap with a large statement face works well with a work suit to project power, however on the flip side, a casual night out on the town with a few friends may warrant a more minimalist look with a light leather strap. 

OK, these pieces won't have the timepiece movement craftsmanship of some of the largest, most established Swiss horological companies in the world with their beautiful ranges of completely unique movements - but you'd never expect that, as these one of a kind watches warrant their £100k+ price tags.

They will, however still (if automatic) include a quality encapsulating movement inside that if displayed in a skeleton watch, is an absolute beauty to behold.

So, to conclude, until we're all multi-millionaires with hundreds of thousands of pounds to splash out on a one of a kind Swiss built watch, the budget watch is here to stay - and so it should! 

Until next time, keep it classy!