A first look at men's summer fashion 2016

As we are heading into the middle of July, summer in the Western hemisphere is kicking in and if you haven't been doing so already, you should be starting to think about updating your summer wardrobe.

Before we can continue we need to cover a couple of fashion faux pas men have been making for years. If you are guilty of owning any of these; now may be the time to start thinking about ridding yourself of these style busting pieces.

Three quarter length shorts


(image from picvpic.com)

A lazy choice that on the balance of it, makes you look indecisive - the guy that can't choose between trousers or shorts and so is left with some sort of mongrel love child that lacks identity. A look that is neither flattering to the eye or your style.

If you aren't in the market to show off your legs then opt for the cropped trouser which sits just above the ankle allowing good ventilation whilst still working with your footwear.


Although popular, we believe it's a fashion fad that has made an unwelcome return, as Tim Gunn, fashion consultant to TIME magazine, once described crocs as resembling "a plastic hoof. How can you take that seriously?" And we totally agree with you, Mr Tim Gunn.

(image from thegloss.com)

If like us, you don't buy into the whole croc revolution then a few better alternatives lay in canvas shoes - we particularly like Tom's, loose fitting stylish canvas pumps. Retailing at around £39.99 these ooze style from such a minimalistic design.


(Grey Linen Rope Sole Men's Classics - image taken from Toms.co.uk)


Now we've got the housekeeping out of the way it's time to get on with showing you some key pieces we've picked out for summer 2016. Starting with t-shirts, pastel colours are a great addition to your wardrobe - they come in multiple colours and they are light summery tones without being too bold and overpowering.

As the temperatures rise you'll be wearing less layers so it becomes ever more important to find the right fitting t-shirts that fits your arms and torso well - especially if you've been putting a few extra hours in at the gym over the spring and want to show off your gains!

We've opted for the slim fit t-shirt by boutique fashion brand Farah, which offers an extensive range of colours with a fit that provides a great balance of tailoring to your body, without being overbearing like some of the muscle fit styles you see elsewhere on the market. 

(Farah T-Shirt With F Logo In Slim Fit In Bluebell - image from ASOS.com)

Retailing at around £20 on ASOS, there is no doubt that you are getting a lot for your money with this range of tees.

Alternatively if you are after a slightly looser fit then you should try t-shirts by the luxury brand Reiss, which also come in an equally great range of colours and live up to their renowned great fit. You can pick these up from Reiss for around £25.

 (Crew Neck T-shirt, Rose Melange - image from Reiss.com)


If you're reading this from somewhere in the United Kingdom you'll be very used to the limited amount of time a year you actually get to wear shorts; you'll tend to get more use out of them on your summer holidays abroad!

Nevertheless, it is important to have a few nice pairs of shorts for those rare occurrences when temperatures do peak over that magic 20 degrees!

Shorts can be a bit of a minefield when looking for a good pair, how high up the leg should they sit? Are they too tight? 

A well fitted tailored pair of shorts should sit just above the knee and should be loose enough for you to stick 2 to 3 fingers between your leg and the short.

High street fashion brand River Island offer these great fitting styles at very affordable prices. For just £20 on ASOS you can pick up these slim fit chino shorts which sit nicely above the knee and tailored to the thigh.

(River Island Chino Shorts In Washed Blue - image from ASOS.com)

Alternatively if you are looking for a nice summer trouser you should try cropped fitting trousers, as mentioned above - a good alternative to three quarter lengths which should be banned to room 101!

There are multiple styles of cropped trousers from jogging bottoms to suit trousers to smart-casual trousers. We've picked out this pair from Topman retailing at £38. A perfect summer adornment. 

(Black Linen Blend Pleated Cropped Smart Trousers - image from topman.com)

Wrist Watch

And what better way to tie off a summer outfit than with a stylish timepiece. We believe that the minimalistic style is very much on point this year and with that we have developed a brand new Royale Timepieces range which is set to go on sale in August. Retailing at £59, this piece will make a perfect accessory to your summer look - here's a sneak peak...

Remember guys, it's all about owning your own style and wearing your outfits with confidence. Keep it classy, until next time.