Donald Trump on a Watch? Surely Not!

Trump Clinton

It's here, it's happened, and Donald Trump has taken America by storm to romp home as President Elect of the United States. While reactions all around the world are – shall we say – varied, some people are wondering how (or if) Trump will change his image once he is sworn in. What kind of watch, for example, will he be wearing, when he needs to know what time it is in London, Moscow or Athens, so he won't be late for important Heads of State meetings?

One thing is for certain, and that is that he no longer needs to be in the market for one of the dozens of watches which have been promoted in the last year or two of the presidential campaign, featuring photos, slogans, cartoons and much political satire – either pro or anti-Trump, you can take your pick. Whether it was Trump the Chump, or the Untrumpable, the lobbyists have had their own crack at influencing the election with these gimmick timepieces.

Trump Timepiece

Given his declared policy of nationalist pride, though, it is a foregone conclusion that Mr Trump will not be choosing a foreign watch for state occasions. Nor, as a self-proclaimed business magnate, will he be choosing something off-the-rack and man-in-the-street affordable. In fact, since he markets his own range of watches, along with clothing and other accessories, it is more than likely that Donald will be wearing a Trump watch when he is sworn in as America's 45th President, following in the footsteps of such ever-popular American heroes as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

For home use or casual hanging out with friends, he might opt for the discreet brown leather and rose-gold traditional watch from his own Signature collection, launched in 2005. This elite selection of watches, which comprised some 20 models, was only available for about a year, so a Trump Signature Collection watch is now a rare and valuable accessory. With quartz movements, analog styling and a stainless steel case, each despatched in a presentation box with a certificate stamped with Mr Trump's own coat of arms, these are stylish watches for any occasion – and some can still be found on eBay.

We ourselves would offer him the option of a Royale Timepieces Valiant model, since courage is one thing Mr Trump is surely going to need in the next four years. With a stylish, bold design in gold and black leather, this is a watch of truly presidential status.


However, for a really special occasion, the President Elect is most likely to opt for his Trump Million, a one-of-a-kind watch made of solid 18-carat yellow gold. Personally designed by Donald himself (we're told) and featuring the Trump name repeatedly on the hands, dial and casing, the One Million watch (named after his father's helpful 'small' business loan) was spoofed on April 1 this year and was claimed to have a hairspring made out of DT's own indestructible hair! And yes, it would retail for one million dollars, available from 9th November!…