Rio 2016: World Class Athletes in Paradise

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Wow! You're going to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro – but now you're wondering what exactly you've let yourself in for. It's a long journey, for a start: 5,766 miles flying direct, which will take you a minimum of 11 hours and 40 minutes if you travel comfortably with British Airways, or as much as 2-3 days if you aren't pressed for time and don't mind changing planes.

The first essential for your trip is going to be a good watch; there will be timetables for the journey, for transport around the city and particularly for the sporting events that you want to see, so invest in a good timepiece to make sure you don't miss anything.

Especially designed for sporting wear, try out our Royale Timepieces Torque, available in black, silver or gold, and fully equipped with stop watch and timer so you can record your favourites as they shave nanoseconds off Olympic records.



You'll be in the tropical region, which is generally always mild; it can be either wet or dry, but expect a very high humidity level. Even though the temperatures should not exceed the high twenties centigrade (upper seventies fahrenheit), you need to pack a wardrobe that is high on comfort and coolness. You'll also be sitting down a lot, both on the journey and in the stadium, so wear something that's easy-care and which doesn't constrict your stomach. 

Choose clothing made from natural fabrics that will allow your skin to breathe: ethical suppliers work with a range of designers at London's People Tree, where you will find a wide range of styles in Fair Trade, organic cotton clothing, and you can pick up some good bargains in their summer sale.

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A stylish T-Shirt and cargo shorts, for example, will give you plenty of room for manoeuvre, as well as lots of pockets for those essentials you will need, like sunscreen and insect repellent. 

Also, scope out the venues for the events you plan to attend: Rio has 32 different venues for the 2016 Olympics, as well as football in five co-hosting cities, so you may well be outdoors a lot of the time and need to protect your skin.

You'll also need comfortable footwear, as you might be trekking back and forth between venues, not to mention that long flight where feet are prone to swell. For comfort and durability, you can't go wrong with a pair of ASOS Woven Sandals, which allow your feet to breathe but will stand up to the wear and tear of walking round the city, exploring the sights or running for a bus to the stadium. Pack a pair of loafers or sneakers for the evening – but, please, no socks!

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 Rio is a lovely city with lots to do and see, with its world-famous beaches and sparkling nightlife, but it can also be dodgy in some areas. Check out these essential safety tips, together with lots of useful information, local directories and some handy phrases to get by in basic Portuguese.