The Royale Timepiece Black Friday Event begins!

As is tradition in the United States, on the 24th November American's will make their journey's home to visit their families for Thanksgiving and sit down for a large meal in celebration of everything they are thankful for in their lives.

This is usually followed by families spending the day enjoying themselves, playing games, watching the NFL and preparing for the big event the next day... BLACK FRIDAY!

Although Thanksgiving is not generally celebrated in the United Kingdom, one thing we have adopted is the Black Friday sales that have been inspired by the American's. There is generally a love; hate relationship with Black Friday for consumers and retailers alike.

Hundred's of people can line up outside shops for midnight openings, rushing, barging, pushing, pulling, stamping, trampling, fighting, crying to get all those bargains - you name it, it has probably occurred. You can see why this can cause headaches for customers and retailers alike!

You will also see sizeable discounts across whole stores, but how do you know that you are actually getting a bargain from these massive retail chains? You don't!

There are some really true great deals to be had out of Black Friday if you look hard enough and are savvy - our one tip to remember is, don't just buy something because it is reduced, only buy things you actually want!

Royale Timepieces are delighted to bring to you our Black Friday Event EARLY! We can personally assure you that our 'up to 75% off' sale will feature timepieces at the lowest price we have ever sold them for - period! We are blocking all discount codes for this sale so that we can lower our prices to all new lows, better than any discount codes would have provided.

Our prices are fixed for the whole period so there is no benefits for those that purchase early or late - having said that, we are stock limited with these offers!

To our American friends, enjoy Thanksgiving and spending precious time with your loved ones - and to everyone else - take part in the festivities by checking out our Black Friday sale! Remember, we offer FREE worldwide delivery to EVERY customer.

Until next time, keep it classy!

Black Friday Event Royale Timepieces Watch