Wrist watches for men 2016

The beginning concept of the wrist watch dates back to their production in the 16th century. Originally termed the arm watch, Queen Elizabeth the 1st received a wrist watch from Robert Dudley in 1571. To begin with, wrist watches were almost exclusively worn by women, while men usually used pocket or chain watches up until the early 20th century.

Wristwatches started to be worn for functional reasons by military men in the 19th century, when the importance of timing tactical procedures during war was more and more important. Things have moved a long way since then but one thing is for sure; Wrist watches are changing.

In the modern world everyone is going digital crazy and more than ever people are opting for a more technologically advanced digital timepiece over refinement and classical design. Take the new apple watch for example. In our opinion this wrist watch is square, round and just ugly; however you can make calls and send text messages, pretty awesome right? Well, maybe.

We dislike the idea of another screen that detracts us all from living our lives and socialising with people. We say - ditch the screens and opt for a modern classic wrist watch; make a statement, don't follow the masses.

With the above in mind we created our Founding collection. A hand-picked blend of modern classics, boasting high quality design and robust build all round. One trend we have tried to incorporate into our men’s wrist watch collection is the increasingly popular skeletal design. Skeletal design is indicative of a watch that has elements that are see through, allowing the wearer to see the 'bones' or mechanical structure in operation.

There is a very good reason for this. We blokes love machines and the inquisitive mind of the modern man often marvels at the intricate workings of a timepiece in action. All of those different cogs springs and coils working in synchrony right before your very eyes. A great example of a skeleton wrist watch for the modern man is the 'Roma' from our founding collection. This watch can be found here

Another quite common but equally a classic is the humble leather strap. There are few exceptions to a silver or golden watch face, supported by a luxurious leather strap that can visually be beaten. Leather in itself is considered a high quality material and has long supported the modern man’s wrist watch collection. Here is a great example of a leather strap that works very well in the overall design of the wrist watch - This watch can be found here