Luxury Timepieces Made Affordable

A watch is more than just an accessory - it's an extension of your personality; an expression of the image you want to project of yourself.

Royale Timepieces is committed to producing timepieces that reflect this. Our specialized wrist watches are carefully sourced and built with quality at the forefront, whilst keeping each piece affordable.

This combination of high quality and low cost has supported the Royale Timepieces watch store in it's growth to become the best watch store online in the UK and globally. 

The Founding Collection

Available to buy now, our founding collection has been carefully hand picked to offer a beautiful range of unique timepieces.

The Minimalist Collection

The first range produced by ourselves, the Minimalist Collection, will be available to pre order soon - focusing on subtle and minimalist design, this range is modest in its styling, yet strong in its impact. Look out for the first peak on our social networks over the coming weeks!